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About The Artist

Art is about Growth, it's about transcendence, and expansion.

Why I create: I am on a journey of personal growth, reflected by my creations, my works. In these pieces I hope you will find my humanity, my wrangling with life, my understanding.  The greatest gift I can offer you is "feeling." If the work makes you "feel" I have succeeded.


What the sculptures and paintings mean: These creations of mine, these children, reflect my attitudes about life, death, society and the world as I know it. I feel that we have become obsessed with the disposable and have lost the sentimental, what is sacred,  and the expansion that comes from the experience of human comradery. In this work I believe you will find my suffering, my personal contradictions, and my resolutions. Life encompasses great beauty and great loss, I mean for my work to reflect those depths as well as life's transient nature.


My gift to you: In these sculptures and paintings you will find a tapestry of what touches me.  It is my sincerest hope that my work will touch you too.  Feel free to let me know if you are moved. I love hearing from you!


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